Open letter concerning actual situation Covid-19 pandemia

To all Business-Partners of Gesenkschmiede
Schneider GmbH (GSA)

As an international acting organization, with employees in
Germany and stakeholders around the globe, GSA has been
closely monitoring the developments and changes, concerning
the COVID-19 pandemic. At all times we have been
striving to respond appropriately, adhering to the expert
advice from local and global health authorities, while
continuing to operate effectively and provide services within
this ever-changing environment.

First and foremost, it is the health and wellbeing of our
employees, business contacts and partners. That is our
highest priority. In the past few weeks, as the public health
impact started to become apparent, we began to initiate
several precautions. This included postponing external events
and meetings, restricting all air travel for our workforce,
cancelling business trips, postponing meetings, introducing
social distancing and robust hygiene protocols, and enable
home office work for our emplyees, wherever this is possible.

To support us to deliver business as usual, the steps we have
taken this week include:

With many of our employees where it is possible to work
remotely, we have successfully transitioned all services and
engagements to remote connections.

In place of physical meetings, we are using virtual solutions.
We are using extended shift change intervals, to avoid
operator contact between the shifts in our production.
We are regularly sharing updates and guidance with all
employees, informed by expert advice.

  • Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on three priorities:
    the wellbeing of our employees and their families
    around the world;
  • continuing to support our partners;
  • and managing any new challenges with resilience,
    trust, innovation and teamwork, as weil as our usual
    hard work.

GSA will communicate clearly and transparently with you
throughout this difficult time, in cases, that changes will affect
our business with our partners.
lf you have questions or if there is anything we can assist
with, please do reach out.
We recommend every one of you, to take care of yourselves
and famil ies, your colleagues and neighbours. lt’s at times like
these, that our global community comes together with
compassion and caring. We will weather the storm together.


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